Who am i and what is this blog all about?

Assalaamu alaykum – Peace be upon you.

As you might have guessed by now, i am a Muslim! I am a born Muslim woman, who re-discovered Islam, while in my college years. Well, you would most probably want to quit right now, thinking this is another ‘Boring Religious blog’. Well, let’s see if i can prove you wrong :). And also, no matter what Faith, Culture, Country, Race you belong to, as long as you don’t intend to insult what’s being talked about in here, you are Most Welcome!

Here you will get to see a lot about Islam, which you most probably don’t get to know about, especially through Media. This blog will contain What is Islam all about, it’s tenets and belief system, How it all started, Why is it so popular and also Misinterpreted, The Major misconceptions about Islam and some of my personal experiences of how i developed to become a better Human being after i started taking Islam seriously.

Trust me, if Music, Yoga, Talking to your loved ones brings peace to you, then you should definitely know about spirituality [Islam in this case]. It brings to you Peace and Happiness unmatched ! Learn how to get rid of Depression, Loneliness and all other diseases of the heart, Yes the secret is Here!

Here we will also InshaAllah [God willing] discuss content specific to you so you need not read everything. Posts will be categorized under Non Muslims, New Muslims, Re discovering Islam and etc.

So join me in this Journey towards recognizing beauty of Life and it’s true treasures. finding happiness and spread it to others and becoming our best selves. I Hope you’l enjoy it!

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